Purgatory: The Forgotten Church

(Uncovering the Mystery, Meaning and Hope)

Is Purgatory real?  Could the Afterlife require suffering?  Can the living help alleviate the anguish of the dead?  This groundbreaking documentary investigates these compelling life-after-death questions through spiritual, scientific and cultural perspectives.  Drawing on this centuries-old article of faith professed by Catholics, this comprehensive expose’ reveals the formidable spiritual alliance Catholics once shared and hope to reinvigorate with the departed souls….  Now for the first time, top scholars, scientists, historians and Church leaders revisit age-old questions and embark on a spiritual quest to unlock the controversy and consolation of Purgatory: The Forgotten Church.  (Running time:  85 minutes)

Recommended: Battlesaint Bracelet

Battlesaint™ Bracelets

“Just in at Assumptions is the Battlesaint Bracelet!  On and off the field your soldier needs the help these saints can give.  When times are hard the tough take all the spiritual firepower with them they can get.  Battlesaints–they’ve got your 6!”

The Battle Saint™ bracelet was uniquely developed to incorporate particular saints relevant to our troops on and off the field, but could also be great intercessors for anyone on the front lines of spiritual warfare. Buy one for yourself and one for your soldier and all the family to remember to pray daily for spiritual protection.  Bracelets come in small, medium and large in black, green and brown.   Saints include:

St. Michael
St. Joan of Arc
St. Christopher
St. Barbara
St. Martin of Tours
St. Sebastian
St. George*
St. Padre Pio
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Luke
St. John of Capistrano
St. Philip Neri
St. Gabriel*
St. Nicholas*
Joseph of Cupertino

And don’t forget to have your bracelet blessed!


*Note that Sts. Nicholas, Gabriel and George are not on the small bracelets.  St. George is not on the medium bracelets, but only on the large.

Recommended: The Truth is Out There

The Truth is Out There (Vol. 1:  Brendan & Erc in Exile)

By Amadeus
A new way to bring the Catholic Faith to young people!

Brendan and  Erc are just your average interplanetary mailmen trying to find their way in the galaxy. But one day, while piloting cargo through the far reaches of space, they suddenly find themselves on a journey they didn’t expect: a journey to the truth.

A totally new kind of Catholic resource for apologetics and evangelization, The Truth Is Out There combines the visual excitement and quirky humor of graphic novels with solid popular philosophy and theology. The result is a book in which everyone from teens to adults can find accessible answers to questions about God, the soul, true happiness, and much more—and have fun doing it!

And because Brendan and Erc start their journey at the very beginning, readers don’t have to be Catholic—or possess any kind of faith—to appreciate the thoughtful ideas and arguments they’ll encounter. If you just have an open mind (and a sense of adventure) you will come away from these pages with a clearer sense of life’s purpose, and a better understanding of the reasons for believing in God, Jesus, and the Church. And if you’re already a believer, The Truth Is Out There will deepen your knowledge of the Faith and sharpen your skills at defending it.